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Not all those who wander are lost…


Welcome to our Destination Wedding page!

ManiSol Wedding is an all-female wedding photography and videography team, based in Italy and working all around the world.

We have already shot weddings in other countries, places we wanted to visit, stories we wanted to tell – and yet, we want to do more, to travel more!

These are some of the locations we have already worked in, and some of the locations we would love to work in!

For the places we have already put a cross on in our maps, you will see the link to the photos and videos we shot there.

For the places on our to-go list, we have prepared specific pages describing how we imagine shooting a wedding there – both in our words and in images, creating a visual mood board using Pinterest.

When we work in other countries or we are booked to shoot cultural or unconventional weddings, we use this amazing tool – Pinterest – to create a mood board with the future spouses. This helps us to get in touch with our couples and to fully understand their style and ideas for their wedding.

Check our location list – and even though your wedding location doesn’t appear here, feel free to contact us!

Boho Wedding in Newport, Rhode Island

A lovely summer destination wedding in a vineyard in Rhode Island

Wedding Photo Video France

Jewish Wedding in Southern France

A Catholic-Jewish Destination Wedding in the Pyrenees, Southern France

Elopement in New York City

The vibe of the city, the skyscrapers, and Lower Manhattan: a hipster and moody wedding in New York City.

Wedding Photo Video Berlin

Neon Wedding in Berlin

A neon-themed Destination Wedding in Berlin, underground vibes for a unique event!

Destination Wedding Photo Video Mexico

“Dia de los Muertos” Destination Wedding in Mexico

A dia de los muertos inspiration for a beach destination wedding in Mexico

Classy Industrial Black and Gold Wedding in New York

A classy black and gold wedding in New York, with a Brooklyn twist – that’s what we love about New York!

Wedding Photo Video Santorini

White and Blue Beach Wedding in Santorini

An inspiration for a destination wedding in Santorini. Color palette? White and blue, of course!

Belle Epoque Inspired Wedding in Paris

A belle epoque, Great Gatsby and art nouveau inspiration for a destination wedding in Paris

Destination Wedding Photo Video las vegas

Las Vegas Strip & Nature Inspired Wedding

The vast beauty of the desert and the craziness of Las Vegas – all in for this wedding inspiration!

Summer of Love Inspired Hippie Wedding in San Francisco

A hippie-inspired wedding, flowers in your hair, graffiti and the Summer of Love for a Destination Wedding in San Francisco

Arabian Nights Inspired Wedding in Marrakech

The colors and textures of an amazing country, the intimate and evocative beauty of the Arabian Nights for a Destination Wedding in Marrakech

Wedding Photo Video Ibiza

Beach Boho Wedding in Ibiza

A boho wedding inspiration of sand beaches and endless sunshine – Ibiza, baby!

Speak-Easy Jazz-Inspired Wedding in New Orleans

Think about a Destination Wedding in New Orleans inspired by the speak-easy, the jazz, the Creole culture: that’s New Orleans, and we love it!

Wedding Photo Video Crete

Boho-Mediterranean-Inspired Wedding in Crete

We love the idea of a Destination Wedding in Crete inspired by the colors of the sand, the olives trees and the Greek culture.

wedding photo video london

Swinging London-Inspired Wedding in London

Rock n Roll, alternative dresses for the perfect Destination Wedding in London.

Wedding Photo Video Porto

Wine & Tiles Blue and White Wedding in Porto

The amazing city of Porto, its white and blue tiles, its tiny streets… And its wine, of course!

Planning a Destination Wedding anywhere in the world and looking for the right photo and video team for you? Contact us!

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