Let’s Build Your Memories

Wedding Photo Video Venice

Wedding Photo Video Venice

Our wedding photography and videography is not a simple reportage of your wedding day: it’s your background story mixing with ours.


Shooting your wedding is not the first part of our journey together.


We want your memories to be perfect, to be yours; therefore, building them is a work we do together, we as professionals and you as a couple.


We did not use the term build by chance: our wedding photos and videos are the outcome of the whole experience we have lived together, the sum of your background stories with ours.


This is why knowing you as people and as a couple is so important for us: we want you to be an active part of the whole process, and we do not want to be detached, cold people approaching you just in our business hours.


We are wedding storytellers, or better, love storytellers. We care about who you are, how you feel, how you want your memories to be.


And we will build it together, every photograph and every frame of it.


Wedding Photo Video Venice // An All Female Team for Your Wedding

Who We Are: Alba & Selene


Based in Northern Italy but working worldwide, ManiSol wedding is an all-female team working as wedding photographers and videographers.

We love to travel, to tell love stories, to discover the world and to meet cool people all around the globe!


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What We Do: Wedding Storytellers


We tell love stories – through our lenses!

We are a wedding photography and videography team based in Venice, Italy. We have been working all around the world both for couple shootings and for weddings.


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Where We Do It – Everywhere!

The spots on the map are just some of the locations where we have shot and filmed weddings.

Our goal is to fill the map with hundreds of grey dots – we can fly anywhere in the world for your wedding, and we are more than willing to do that!

Wedding Photo Video Venice

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