Wedding Photo & Video Tuscany

Wedding Photo & Video Tuscany

Wedding Photo & Video Tuscany

Wedding Photo & Video Tuscany

Exclusive Wedding Photography & Videography tuscany

Thank you for considering us to be your Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Tuscany!

We are Selene and Alba, photographer and videographer respectively, the founders of ManiSol Wedding.


ManiSol Wedding is a high-end wedding photography and videography studio, based in Italy and working worldwide.
We are an all-female team of photographers and videographers, and we all share a vision of the pursuit of truth and beauty. We have been working in the Wedding industry for more than five years, and we shot and filmed weddings all over the world.


ManiSol Wedding is not only the two of us – we are a team of wedding photographers and videographers, and we all share the same vision and style. We aim to create an empowering reality built to offer our clients the best and most personal, charming, bespoke and unique memories of their wedding day. 

Even if we share the same aesthetic and approach, we all have different personalities and eyes. Therefore, we will make a match made in heaven between you and us, to make sure you will find your perfect photographer and videographer based on your style, needs, and desires.


We believe in Love, Truth and Beauty, in all its forms.

Ah, Tuscany!

We are absolutely in Love with the Tuscan countryside, one of the best places in the world to celebrate your wedding.

May it be in the stunning country or in an art city, Tuscany is absolutely one of our favorites!

From the majestic beauty of Florence and the other art cities to the stunning colors of the nature under the Tuscan sun, from the medieval villages to the beautiful Islands of its archipelago – Tuscany is a place to visit, a place to love!

Here you can find our favorite weddings in Tuscany, shot and filmed in the past few years.

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