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Wedding Video Lake Como


Wedding Video Lake Como – Sogol and Jad’s Love Story in Tremezzo

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From Dubai to Tremezzo for the perfect destination wedding in Italy. Sogol and Jad chose the amazing Villa Balbiano for their wedding. Friends and family from New York, London, Dubai came to celebrate with them.

The getting ready took place in two different suites of the villa, Sogol and Jad friends helped them with the dresses. When Jad was ready he went outside to wait for the beginning of the celebration. Sogol waited for everybody to be ready.

The celebration took place at the entrance of the villa, with all the guests on one side of the long fountain and on the other the groom with five Lebanese musicians awaiting to see his bride.
When she came out from the villa’s door the emotion was palpable, she walked to her husband with her parents.
Immediately after the union, they walked together to the garden and they started the aperitif.

The Lake Como Wedding Planner organized the event. They created the most beautiful reception tables we’ve seen: three long tables covered with violet flowers and candles. We have never seen a flower design like this, hundreds of petals and an amazing perfume we will never forget.
During the dinner, the couple’s best friends made some speeches about their past with the bride and the groom, about some fun facts, about how this couple is a perfect example of “perfect match”. After the speeches, everybody moved in front of the villa for the cutting of the cake. There was music in the background and all the guest were holding sparkles (we absolutely loved it!).

The night went on with a lot of music, blackjack with fake dollars and dancing.


Location: Villa Balbiano, Ossuccio (Lake Como)

Wedding Planner: The Lake Como Wedding Planner

Bride’s Wedding Dress: Carolina Herrera

Makeup Artist: Cherie Spisso

Catering: Visini

Wedding Photography & Videography: Selene Pozzer and Alba Renna from ManiSol Wedding[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]