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Wedding Photo & Video Venice

Exclusive Wedding Photography and Videography in Venice

Thank you for considering us to be your Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Venice!


We are Selene and Alba, photographer and videographer respectively, the founders of ManiSol Wedding.


ManiSol Wedding is a high-end wedding photography and videography studio, based in Italy and working worldwide.
We are an all-female team of photographers and videographers, and we all share a vision of the pursuit of truth and beauty.
We have been working in the Wedding industry for more than five years, and we shot and filmed weddings all over the world.


ManiSol Wedding is not only the two of us – all our photographers and videographers share our vision and style, and our aim is to create an empowering reality built to offer our clients the best and most personal, charming, bespoke and unique memories of their wedding day.


We believe in Love, Truth and Beauty, in all its forms.

Bespoke Wedding Photography & Videography

“Beauty is truth,

truth beauty, —that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”

John Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn


Describing our work using only a few words was never easy for us.


We built our vision to create a timeless, exclusive, simply beautiful memory of the special moments our couples live. Then those few lines from the poem of John Keats came to our minds, and we realized how perfectly they described our philosophy.


Beauty and Truth are what we look for when shooting and filming a wedding.

Wedding Photo & Video Venice

Wedding Photo & Video Venice

We shoot and film weddings all around the world, but Venice remains one of our favorite places on earth!


Our studio is very close to Venice, and that city is one of the places we work more often.


Being it a small, romantic elopement or a large 200+ guests, we had the chance to enjoy the beauty of the city so many times, in all its peculiar details and unforgettable romance.


Here you can find some of our favorite weddings in Venice.

  • The most romantic gondola ride of all: a beautiful and super romantic gondola wedding in Venice.

  • Elopement Photography Venice

    A young and beautiful couple, their Italian origins to discover and a stunning wedding ceremony in Venice.

  • A beautiful Love Story in Venice - A stunning Catholic Destination Wedding in the Palladian Church of Redentore

  • Wedding at the Aman Palace - A romantic elopement, filled with love and beauty in the amazing Aman Palace in Venice.

  • armenian wedding in venice

    An unforgettable destination wedding in the stunning Armenian Church of Venice for a beautiful American couple.

  • Elopement Video Venice

    Kristin and Phil are a couple from Seattle and they chose Venice for their romantic elopement. The day started at Hotel Abadessa, in Calle Priuli Cannaregio. I first met Kristin while she was getting her make-up.

  • A Romantic Elopement in Venice, a winter wedding in the stunning Palace Ca Sagredo. A beautiful couple, an intimate ceremony, and all the beauty of a winter Venice.

  • A Classy Couple Portrait Session in Venice - A warm sunny day, a beautiful couple in a classy vintage outfit and all the beauty of Venice..

  • Wedding Videographer Venice, Wedding Cinematography

    Think about "A Midsummer Night's Dream", think about Venice, think about flowers, fog and candles. Think about love. This is what Roger did for his beloved Natalia.

  • A Love Story in the Carnival of Venice - A beautiful, romantic wedding proposal between two lovely ladies in the amazing city of Venice, in all the splendor of the Carnival.

  • Wedding Photo & Video Italy

    A stunning engagement session in Venice, under a tiny rain. The love of two beautiful people in the most beautiful city of all: so incredibly romantic!

Being it a small elopement or a large international wedding, we have the perfect offer for your wedding day.

Knowing the story of your love and your ideas for your wedding is extremely important for us, so we have prepared a Contact Form in which we will ask you all the info we need to offer you the best of our services.


Contact us to receive our Studio Brochure and bespoke quotation! Let’s build your memories together.