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wedding videography italy - manisol wedding

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Here, you will see some of our favorite weddings we filmed in Italy and around the world.


We are ManiSol Wedding, an exclusive and international wedding photography and videography collective based in Northern Italy. 

Shooting and filming weddings in Italy and around the world is our job and our passion: we are a team of seven among photographers and videographers, and our goal is to create the most perfect and unique memories of your wedding day. 


When we film a wedding video, we look for Truth and Beauty. Our wedding videos are a perfect blend of real emotions captured with a reportage eye together with powerful, breath-taking shots enhancing the beauty of the scenery and of your love.


Your wedding video will tell the story of your love, embracing all the nuances, colors, emotions and beauty of your wedding day.

Our goal is to craft your wedding memories together with you: your love story matters, and knowing you as people will help us create the perfect memory of your wedding day.


You can dig deeper into what moves us in the Aesthetic page of our website, or learn more about how we do it in the Client Experience one.

Or, you can just contact us through the form below and make us fall in love with your Love story!

wedding videography italy - manisol wedding

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