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Wedding Proposal Venice

Wedding Proposal Venice – Cinematography in Venice


A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Wedding Proposal in Venice, ManiSol from Manisol Wedding on Vimeo.


Wedding Proposal Venice – Roger and Natalia’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

Think about “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, think about Venice, think about flowers, fog and candles. Think about love.

This is what Roger did for his beloved Natalia.

They fell in love years ago and now he decided to propose. Ca Zenobio degli Armeni, a historical villa was the venue he choose.

Angel Lion perfectly organized everything: the lobby became an amazing flower forest and when Natalia and Roger came in three ballerinas started dancing all arond them.

Natalia was amazed, especially when Roger knelt in front of her with a huge diamond ring in his hands. She immediatly said yes.
This wasn’t the only surprise for her, in fact all their family and close friends were hidden. She just couldn’t believe it!

After a short aperitif the couple and all the guests went to have dinner.
I was in love with the flower design! La Dogaressa Flowers  made something unbelivable: they made a huge mirror with roses and red petunias for the dinner table.

The evening ended with cocktails and dances in the lobby, where everything started.

This was an unconventional event in Venice: no gondolas and no San Marco. Nevertheless, everybody felt the Venice atmosphere.


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