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Here at ManiSol Wedding, we want to create the perfect memories of your Wedding Day.


We believe that beautiful prints are the perfect coronation of your wedding photography service; therefore, we want to offer you the best and most precious wedding albums as well. We have personally selected and designed our wedding album lines, from two different Italian and International vendors to offer you the most unique and bespoke album to complete the narration of your wedding day memories.

wedding photographer albums italy - manisol wedding

the Matted Collection

fine art print

This gorgeous set is our most beloved new entry. It is composed of a light, wooden box and a beautiful fine-art Wedding Album. This amazing album is produced by Giclée Art, and it’s completely made in Italy.

The cover of the album can be made with genuine leather, cloth, or velvet. Our best-selling dimension for this album is 25 x 35 cm (10 x 14 inches) but it is also available in a larger or smaller size. The most peculiar detail about this album is its decked pages: under every paper window lies a photograph, printed in the prestigious fine-art Hahnemuehle paper. This is the highest quality paper in the market, and it is a true joy to the eyes and touch.

average price (25 x 35 cm, 40 pages book): 

1800 €

shipment expenses excluded

the Velvet Collection

fine art print

Another amazing made in Italy fine-art Wedding Album, again by Giclée Art.

While it’s “Matted” brother has decked pages with fine-art prints underneath, the entire pages of this album are printed in fine-art paper.

The cover is made with precious Venetian velvet and it’s a perfect match to cherish and remember your Italan wedding.

As per the Matted Collection, this album can be sold with a matching light wooden box to make it an actual decorative piece of furniture for your home.

Our best-selling dimension for this album is 25 x 35 cm (10 x 14 inches) but it is also available in a larger or smaller size. 

average price (25 x 35 cm, 50 pages book): 

1500 €

shipment expenses excluded

the Coffee Table Book

photographic print

This album is our newest entry – it was specifically created for us in a partnership with Pomi (a printing house of Vicenza) and Giclée Art.

This Coffee Table book contains all the wedding images printed in a beautiful photographic soft-binding paper to make sure you will remember every single moment of your wedding day in its smallest details. The binding is hand-made to ensure the endurance of the album itself, and the cover can be customized to match any Fine-Art album. It is the perfect addon to any other collection, or it can be purchased solo. 

The dimensions of this book are 20 x 30 cm (7,8 x 11,8 inches) and it is perfect to keep and cherish your wedding memories in a single place.

average price (20 x 30 cm, 100 pages book): 


shipment expenses excluded

wedding photographer albums italy - manisol wedding

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