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Destination Wedding Photography & Videography in new york

hey there,

We are Alba and Selene, founders of ManiSol Wedding.


We work all around the world as wedding photographers and videographers, and New York is on our “to go” list!


We have been working all around the world for the past few years, shooting and filming weddings in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.


We would love to shoot and film a wedding in New York. We already shoot a couple session there and we fell in love with the vibe!


We have set particular fares for destinations of our interest, and we would totally love to work as wedding photographers and videographers in New York.


During the past few years, we have traveled all around the world shooting and filming weddings.


Our wedding photography and videography is not a simple reportage of your wedding day: it’s your background story mixing with ours, the story of the journey that brought you to say I do.

Shooting your wedding is not the first part of our journey together.


We want your memories to be perfect, to be yours; therefore, building them is a work we do together, we as professionals and you as a couple.

We did not use the term build by chance: our wedding photos and videos are the outcome of the whole experience we have lived together, the sum of your background stories with ours.


This is why knowing you as people and as a couple is so important for us: we want you to be an active part of the whole process. Our goal when shooting and filming a wedding is to tell a story of people, of places, but most of all, of Love.


We are wedding storytellers, or better, love storytellers. We care about who you are, how you feel, how you want your memories to be.

And we will build it together, every photograph and every frame of it.

wedding photo video new york - the moodboard

When preparing for a destination wedding in a new location, we team up and gather our ideas together with our couples.

We want to know your story, but we also want to enter the mood of the places we will visit – this way, we can find inspiration and be prepared to do the best possible work!

We create mood boards using Pinterest – this is our New York Moodboard.

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We would love to be your wedding photographer and videographer in Italy and around the world. Tell us your story and your plans, we would love to create a Bespoke Quotation based on your needs.