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Hey there!

Thank you for being interested in our “one to two” wedding mentoring online sessions!
We are Selene and Alba, founders of ManiSol Wedding.

We have happily helped other wedding photographers and videographers expanding their business, especially when it comes to creating an ethical wedding photography and videography business.

We are extremely proud of the enviroment we created both for ourselves and for our fellow photographers and videographers: we wanted to create a safe space in which everyone of us could grow, expand their view and never feel alone and left behind.

We aim to have an international approach when it comes to working as a team and with our clients, but always focusing on our social and personal impact.


We offer various possible mentoring sessions, based on your needs. 

You can either book our “one to two” business & ethical developement session, or some prviate ones regarding photography or videography.

Our mentoring sessions will be held on Skype, and the program will be built upon your needs.

  • We speak English & Italian
  • We can discuss any photography/videography/business related topic
  • We would love to help you grow your business in the most ethical and sustainable way possible, for yourself, your associates and your clients.

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