Marrying my first Love / Wedding at the Basilica dei Frari, Venice

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Wedding at Basilica dei Frari


Wedding at the Basilica dei Frari, Venice

Wedding at the Basilica dei Frari – Wedding in Venice


Wedding Trailer Federico & Martina from Manisol Wedding on Vimeo.


This love story finds its birthplace in Ferrara, among the school desks of the University.
There, Federico (born in Venice), met Martina, at the Faculty of Medicine.

Falling in love with her was easy, and as he said, “in every important choice of my life, she was there. We share friends, smiles, our work, the only thing we have left to share is our family!”
With such a happy and positive spirit he asked her to marry him in the beautiful Paris, where she had no doubt but to say yes to the love of her life. And finally, on a warm summer day, the long-awaited wedding took place.

Our day together started in Venice.
Since the first moments of their getting ready, we immediately understood they couldn’t wait to say I do!
Their enthusiasm and happiness were so real and so present that nothing could scare or worry them.

The ceremony took place in the amazing Basilica del Frari, a beautiful church rich in monuments and art pieces.
The atmosphere was magical, and the light did the rest: a ray of light shone on them for the entire ceremony, it looked like a stage light that almost made them feel as they were the only two people there, the two of them and their everlasting love.

After the ceremony, we couldn’t miss a tour around the waters of Venice. We took a water taxi up to San Giorgio, and there we had our couple shooting, in the most beautiful terrace in Venice.

In the meantime, the guests reached the beautiful Filanda Motta in Treviso, a beautiful boho-chic location made even more beautiful by the stunning lighting of DJs for Party.
There, a large buffet got the party started, and it never stopped! During the dinner, in the main hall of the Filanda, the newlyweds and their witnesses gave lovely speeches that entertained and moved the guests.

Throughout the day, there was always music that wrote the soundtrack of their beautiful wedding


Location: Basilica dei Frari, Filanda Motta 

Video: Silvia from ManiSol Wedding



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