Glamour and Romance: A Spectacular Wedding at Castello Oldofredi Lake Iseo

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Wedding at Castello Oldofredi Lake Iseo

Wedding at Castello Oldofredi Lake Iseo

A two-day celebration in the breath-taking Lake Iseo



Q+ E – Destination Wedding in Lake Iseo from Manisol Wedding on Vimeo.



A wonderful wedding at Castello Oldofredi Lake Iseo for an international couple

Quinta and Eric’s wedding was a sight to behold, complete with stunning scenery, a cloud-like arch made of baby’s breath, and guests from all over the world. The event was pure fun and glamour, and the perfect celebration of their love. From the stunning destination to the chic fashion choices, Quinta and Eric’s wedding was totally true to themselves – a big party with an eye to the fashion of it all.


Wedding at Castello Oldofredi Lake Iseo


Quinta and Eric got married on a warm summer afternoon in Monte Isola, Lake Iseo. They chose this venue as it’s very close to Quinta’s family who used to spend every summer on its sun-kissed shores. This beautiful couple met at a friend’s party, and soon knew they were made for one another: they fell in love quickly and decided to get married in the beautiful Castello Oldofredi in Lake Iseo, Italy. The wedding venue was stunning with its breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

The wedding was a two-day event, and guests from all over the world came to celebrate with the happy couple. Quinta, being a former model, had many friends in the industry who attended the wedding, making it a super glamorous event”

The ceremony took place by the lake on the terrace of Castello Oldofredi, and the decor was simple but absolutely gorgeous: a beautiful cloud-like arch made of baby’s breath flowers stood as a backdrop for the couple’s exchange of vows. Quinta looked absolutely radiant in her wedding dress, and Eric was equally charming in his suit. The wedding ceremony was emotional and heartwarming, celebrated by the bride’s brother, and the couple’s love for each other was evident for all to see.

The couple enjoyed an al fresco dinner surrounded by olive trees and wildflowers, getting a very-Italian vibe – a shot of Limoncello to start the dinner definitely helped as well! Many speeches lit up the dinner, and everyone enjoyed their time fully.

Later in the evening, the weather turned stormy, but that did not dampen the spirits of the guests who danced the night away inside the frescoed halls of Castello Oldofredi.




wedding at castello oldofredi lake iseo


Photography & Cinematography: Selene, Alba & Alice from ManiSol Wedding
Venue: Castello Oldofredi, Lake Iseo
Wedding Planner: Veronica Frasca from Italian Lakes Weddings
Floral Design: Bloom Your Life
Hair & MUA: Blossom Beautyland


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