“Beauty is truth,

truth beauty, —that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”

John Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn, 1819

Describing our work using only a few words was never easy for us.

We built our vision to create a timeless, exclusive, simply beautiful memory of the special moments our couples live.

Then those few lines from the poem of John Keats came to our minds, and we realized how perfectly they described our philosophy.

Beauty and Truth are what we look for when shooting and filming a wedding.


Beauty for us means elegance, charm, uniqueness.

The pursuit of beauty is the centre of our vision: our eye is delicate, passionate, a light touch that is never intrusive, never pushes too far.

We look for beauty in all the details, the landscapes, the people we meet. Shortly, we look for beauty and capture beauty in the story we tell.

Appearance is just a small side of what beauty means to us: as Keats said, beauty is truth, and truth is beauty.


For us, truth is the search of something timeless and authentic.

Truth means emotions, happy tears, candid laughs and all in between.

Our work is no easy-fashion: our work is bespoke, authentic, we aim to bring back your memories as you lived them.

We live your wedding day next to you, we feel the emotions you feel and make them shine through our images and videos.

Wedding Photo & Video Italy

Q & A

Why having photos and videos of the wedding? Why having a single team that takes care of both is so important?

Photography and videography are different services that complete each other.
We think that the combination of the two media can offer you the best and most complete memories of your wedding day.
We developed a coherent style that can bring the best out of your emotions and your story, creating a consistent memory to be cherished forever. We have been working together since the early days of our businesses, so we are able to produce the best work in our own field without stepping on each other’s feet – things that are not unusual to happen when booking a wedding videographer and a wedding photographer that have never worked together, or have different styles and visions.

How far can you travel to be our Wedding Photographers and Videographers?

Our studio is based in Vicenza, Northern Italy, very close to Venice, Verona and Lake Garda, and just a few hours drive from Milan, Lake Como, Tuscany, and Switzerland. However, we do love to travel and we can be your wedding storytellers anywhere in the world!

We have already worked in various locations around Italy, Europe, the Middle East and the United States,

Do you shoot weddings only?

We love narrating couple stories, even beyond weddings. We are available for couple shootings all around the world (thinking about proposing her? We have a package for that, too!).

What type of services do you offer? What are your rates?

Our studio offers various photography and videography options to suit your needs at best. You can either hire the main photographers and videographers (Selene and Alba) or request the services of the photographers and videographers of the studio that have been trained by us during the past few years.
We also offer drone filming and wedding albums and prints to give you the most complete service you can look for.
After you have contacted us, we will send you our Brochure, Investment Guide, and a Bespoke Estimate based on your needs.

Is there a minimum/maximum size of event you would consider to shoot and film?

Absolutely not. We’ve shot intimate elopement weddings with just the couple, as well as huge international weddings with 350+ guests. Our studio is perfectly equipped to capture every type of event, regardless of its size.

What is the best way to book your services?

After having decided the best Collection for your needs, we will send you two different contracts to be filled and signed, one for the video and one for the photos. Then, we require a deposit of the 50% of the agreed quotation as down payment, unless differently agreed. The payments can be done via PayPal, bank transfer, credit card or cash (up to 2000€, according to the Italian law).