The big Love Extravaganza: an enchanting Sirmone and Isola del Garda Wedding

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Isola del Garda Wedding

Sirmone and Isola del Garda Wedding

A romantic affair during the day, the wildest party at night for this Isola del Garda Wedding



Kate & Jack – Isola del Garda Wedding from Manisol Wedding on Vimeo.



When you take the words “wedding party” seriously: all the romance and the unexpected hype of an Isola del Garda Wedding


Take the timeless beauty of Lake Garda, the romantic baroque villas, and the breathtaking atmosphere of Isola del Garda. At the same time, take a couple madly in love with each other, and a group of guests who really know how to party – add three more beautiful locations, a luscious floral decor, beautiful dresses and shoes – ah, those shoes! -, and a good quantity of Italian wine – the result is a fantastic wedding with an after party we will hardly forget. Enjoy!



Isola del Garda Wedding


Kate and Jack’s Isola del Garda Wedding had probably one of the craziest parties we have ever worked at, and we loved every moment of it!

Our day together started in the gorgeous Sirmione, at Villa Cortine. Villa Cortine is a gorgeous five-star hotel founded in the 19th century as a private residence, and it’s surrounded by meticulously manicured gardens, ancient trees, and sculptures that make it a wonderful venue for a charming lake Garda event. We loved Kate’s attire in particular: her Élysée dress and her Jimmy Choo shoes were absolutely perfect and matched her vibe completely.

The wedding ceremony took place at Isola del Garda, within the magnificent Venetian Gothic villa known as Villa Borghese-Cavazza. This architectural masterpiece, often referred to as “the villa of Isola del Garda,” added a touch of grandeur to the occasion. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the island, the atmosphere was filled with love and anticipation. The civil ceremony was an emotional and joyous affair, with tears of happiness and laughter intermingling in the air.

Following the ceremony, the guests enjoyed an aperitif in the enchanting Italian-style gardens of the villa. After the aperitiv, as the guests were leaving to reach Torre San Marco for the wedding dinner and party, we had the beautiful villa for ourselves and captured Kate and Jack sharing their first moments as husband and wife during a romantic and intimate couple session. The villa provided a stunning backdrop, reflecting the essence of their love and the magic of the day.

After the couple shoot, we took a Riva Boat to Torre San Marco where the reception and first stages of the party took place. The reception was just like the rest of the event – emotional, with heartfelt speeches and tears, and super fun with loud, live music and everybody dancing between and after meals!

But the true highlight of the evening was the afterparty at Roccolo del Lago. The atmosphere shifted to one of pure revelry and uninhibited fun. The newlyweds and their guests danced the night away, fueled by the infectious energy of DJs and live music. The scene was nothing short of magical as the partygoers found themselves dancing inside metal wine barrels, a moment that embodied the spirit of celebration and marked the pinnacle of the festivities.

With each beat of the music and each shared laughter, Kate and Jack’s Lake Garda Wedding became an experience of a lifetime. The love, joy, and vibrant energy that filled the air were palpable, creating an atmosphere where memories were made and hearts were forever touched.



sirmione and isola del garda wedding


Photography & Cinematography: Selene, Alba, Elena & Alice from ManiSol Wedding
Venues: Villa Cortine, Sirmione; Isola del Garda; Torre San Marco; Roccolo del Lago
Wedding Planner: Your Secret Tuscany
Hair & Makeup Artist: The Studio Como
Bride’s dress: Seraphine by Élysée
Bride’s shoes: Aveline 100 by Jimmy Choo
Floral design: Simone Bertini
Live music band: The Brother Rockers
DJ and entertainment: The Valentines


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