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Experience is Queen.

manisol wedding

the client experience

Finding your perfect photography and videography match is extremely important – wedding photographers and videographers are absolutely the vendors who get to spend the longest time with the couple. Moreover, we are the ones who are going to create visual memories you – and your loved ones – are going to cherish for the rest of your lives. Quite important, right?

The relationship we establish with our couples is fundamental to us, and it’s the core of what we do. To understand our work completely, besides looking at our wedding shootings and videos, we believe it’s important for you to know our values and the journey we will do together.

our values

manisol wedding client experience

ManiSol Wedding Client Experience


We are deeply in love with our home country, and we couldn’t have developed our style if we weren’t born and raised in Italy. We have insider knowledge of Italy, and we will help you discover it as well! If you want to experience the real Italian dolce vita, an Italy-based team is what you are looking for.

ManiSol Wedding Client Experience


We are specialized in photographing and filming Destination Weddings, in Italy and around the world. We have shot in countless different venues across our country and more, from the Swiss mountains to the jungle of Indonesia. All of our team perfectly speaks English, because to us communication is the key.

ManiSol Wedding Client Experience


We are all-female wedding photography and videography collective and we completely support and stand for Marriage Equality. 
Experiencing and telling different love stories is always exciting for us. We tell Love stories, and we believe in love in all forms, shapes, and colors!

the ManiSol experience

manisol wedding client experience

ManiSol Wedding Client Experience

step one

let's chat

Knowing the story of your Love is extremely important to us. We love to work with couples we feel a strong emotional and empathic connection with – this will make your wedding memories even more perfect, and we will be able to really tell the story of your Love. Around the website and in our social media we speak a lot about ourselves, our aesthetic, and our values, but face-to-face empathy is fundamental. Therefore, the more you tell us about yourselves from the very first contact, the better!

step two

identify your needs

A first video-chat with us is super important to understand your needs, your style, and the planning of your wedding day. Talking with you will help us design the perfect service for your wedding day and the perfect team to photograph and film it! May it be a 200+ guests wedding or an intimate elopement, in Italy or around the world, we aim to make a match made in heaven between you and us. We will show you our portfolios and some complete works, so you will perfectly know what to expect from our services. We will share with you our general Brochures and work from there to create the perfect quotation for your needs and desires.

ManiSol Wedding Client Experience
ManiSol Wedding Client Experience

step three

save the date

In the past few years, we have shot hundreds of weddings. Different cultures, different venues, and different styles… You name it! We will guide you through this process: we will send you a copy of our e-book, Wedding Day Ready, filled with insider tips and tricks to get the best out of your wedding day photo and video shooting. If you have one, we will arrange the timetable with your wedding planner to make sure you will live the best wedding day experience. We will always be available for a chat & sharing your wedding day ideas (and – often – Pinterest boards!)

step four

enjoy your perfect day

Hey gorgeous, your wedding day is here! After having spent some time chatting with you, planning your wedding photo and video service, and simply getting to know you, you will feel like you have been knowing us for a long time (that’s what our couples say!). On the wedding day, we want you to simply enjoy: we will be by your side, capturing all the emotions, excitement, and beauty of such a magical day. We want you to live your day to the fullest, and have the time of your life with your loved ones. La Dolce Vita is here!

ManiSol Wedding Client Experience
ManiSol Wedding Client Experience

step five

live it all again

The wedding day is going to be amazing – we promise! – and your wedding photographs and videos will make you re-live these amazing experiences for the rest of your life, anytime you will want it. The photos and videos we will send you will bring back your memories, make you discover little details you might not have noticed, and get you back to such an unforgettable time. You will re-live the story of your love and all the amazing little things that made it so special. We are personally taking care of the editing of your wedding memories, so you can live them over and over again.

our couples say

manisol wedding client experience

ManiSol Wedding Aesthetic

I am a bride who is very sad that her wedding day is over. The only thing that makes me feel better is when I look at the videos and photos ManiSol provided us, they captured it so well it’s like I’m right back there in my dress marrying my love.

The video is fun as well as romantic and we laugh and cry each time we watch. My favourite part is that they broke the video down into 4 different parts so you can choose if you want to watch speeches or if you want to watch the video or even small outtakes for you to post on social media. When I watch it it’s like I’m watching the trailer to the most romantic movie, I can not believe that it is us on the screen. Our wedding was captured better than I even remember it. They even had me run in my bare feet and the movement of my dress and the wind in my hair made the most beautiful footage. They surprised me in every way!

The photos – I don’t have the words to explain. All I can tell you is that we were not standing posing like the normal wedding photos, they are playful and fun and captured each moment perfect. I posted A LOT on my social media and people from back home and people I don’t even know say all of the time that our wedding photos are like something from a spread in Vogue.

The girls themselves are so professional and sweet and they feel like part of the wedding, not an intrusion. I suffer with anxiety so I had some “moments” throughout the day that made me a bit of a bridezilla so when they took myself and my husband off to take our photos it was such a nice peaceful moment for us and they made that special too.

They are AMAZING, please trust me when I say if you are getting married you need ManiSol Wedding!

Gillian & Robert

To Selene & Alba, and the team of ManiSol 

Words cannot express how truly grateful we are to you all for capturing our beautiful wedding moments so perfectly! It was an absolute pleasure having you by our side from the very beginning when we took our engagement photos through all the moments leading up to our wedding day. Ladies, you are truly such rare, talented, creative, kind and thoughtful people. Thank you for making every effort, listening to our concern and reassuring me every step of the way on our wedding journey. You helped me to be calm, relaxed and naturally enjoy every moment. We are so grateful to have you as part of our most special day.

It felt like having good friends by our side. Thank you for making it all the most magical.

We are so happy with all our wedding photos and videos. You exceeded every expectation! 

I look back at every picture and can totally feel the mood of the day. You truly love what you do and that’s reflected in the exceptional quality of your work. Saying “yes” to your photography & videography proposal was the second best decision of my life (first Joe, LOL).

Thank you for being a part of our wonderful wedding memories and capturing the moments we will cherish forever!
You are the greatest! We love ya!

Ashley & Joe

ManiSol Wedding Client Experience

manisol wedding client experience

let's chat

We are here, ready to go above & beyond to tell the story of your Love, all around Italy and the world. Drop us a line: we’d love to chat about your wedding day!