manisol wedding aesthetic

about truth & beauty

"Beauty is Truth,
Truth, Beauty - that is all
Ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know"

ManiSol Wedding Aesthetic
ManiSol Wedding Aesthetic
ManiSol Wedding Aesthetic

Ever since we felt the urge to put our vision and aesthetic into words, we used the final lines of John Keats’ poem Ode on a Grecian Urn.

Training our eyes, minds and hearts to see and capture Truth and Beauty is our mission, our goal. We don’t see these two aspects as different parts of our work – Truth as “reportage, candid photographs” and Beauty as “editorial beauty shots”. Truth and Beauty, as the Romantic poet describes, are the two sides of the same coin.

Beauty is elegance, charm, uniqueness. Beauty is making sure you look back at these photos and videos and see your favorite version of yourselves. Beauty is in the details, in the landscapes, the people we meet; the sumptuous, over-the-top flower decorations on a huge frescoed hall or the single flower in the hands of a bride in a summer garden; the big luxurious wedding dresses or the short, effortless ones; the high heels or the bare feet.
Beauty is what we see in the eyes of the spouses when they see each other in their wedding dresses for the first time.

Truth is the search for something timeless and authentic. Truth means emotions, happy tears, candid laughs and all in between. Truth is showing all your beautiful moments, capturing them the way that they are. It is living the day by your side, feeling enchanted by your emotions and the things that happen during the day. Living the wedding day by your side and creating memories you can re-live over and over again.

Learning to see through our own eyes, and finding and expressing our own voice really changed the deal for us. Our aesthetic is a continuous flow, we keep on experimenting and challenging one another to develop and grow. We detached ourselves from the classic visual expectations of what a bride or a groom should look and be like: we want to portray your essence, your very own being as single people and as a couple. It’s going to be you being you, looking your best in your wedding dresses, but ultimately being unapologetically you.

manisol wedding aesthetic

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