Where to find inspiration for your Wedding Dress

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Where to find inspiration for your Wedding Dress

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Bridal Couture, Editorial Shoot Harper’s Bazaar Bridal from Alba Renna on Vimeo.


The best resources to get inspired for your dream wedding dress


Let’s be honest, we all start looking at wedding dresses waaaay before starting to plan our actual wedding. But just looking around is completely different from actually having to choose “The One”.

Our first advice is to keep the choice of the dress in the second stage of your wedding planning. First, you need to choose the wedding location and the overall mood, because your wedding dress should not only fit you perfectly but the whole event as well.
That being said, we know how hard it is to navigate all the different shapes, fabric, colors that the internet has to offer, that’s why our second advice is to start browsing as soon as you set the date!

We are wedding photographers and videographers, and so we don’t actually need to choose our wedding dresses (not full time at least), but we always look around to find inspiration and we now have the experience to share where to search and how to make the browsing efficient.

So let’s dig into it!


inspiration for your Wedding Dress

Amazing details, right? This is from a stunning Elopement in Venice.


Where to browse and how to do it!


1 – God save Pinterest!

We love Pinterest and we spend way too much time on it. It’s our favorite tool since it’s not just helpful for finding inspiration, but for organizing all your ideas in the same place too.
You can create specific thematic boards, you can make them secret, share them with your family, your friends, and also with your vendors to help them better understand what you have in mind for your wedding day.
You can start by just browsing wedding ideas and “pinning them” in your “wedding dresses” board (something like this one), the algorithm will start to understand what you like and what you don’t and it will help in your navigating.
After a while, you’ll have a full board, and (hopefully) you’ll start to notice in the dresses you pinned common shapes and details. You can start from there shopping for your perfect wedding dress!
Just notice that not everything on Pinterest is actually on sale and that some dresses are 5/6/7 years old, so they may not be available anymore, so keep the enthusiasm for the actual shopping before falling deeply in love with one single dress.


inspiration for your Wedding Dress

We are in love with tiny details that tell us more about you. This is from a beautiful wedding in Florence, Tuscany!


2 – Instagram is not just for cute puppies

Unlike Pinterest, Instagram works better if you already have some specific ideas in mind. You can start by following some designers you love and other wedding vendors who will surely tag designers you may not know in their photos.
There, you can also create folders and save what you see and like, with the benefit that if something is shared by the designer it surely will be available for shopping because everything is updated with the latest collection.
Another good aspect of Insta is that a lot of designers tell the story behind those beautiful gowns, so you can dig deeper into how they are made and shop a little more informed.
Since we are Italian, we’d like to share some links of Italian designers we really like, so you can start browsing: Andrea Sedici, Gianbattista Valli, Antonio Riva.


3 – Blogs and Magazines will make you dream

Wedding blogs and magazines basically help you by doing the pre-hunt for you. It’s their job to search and share the best trends around!
They usually collect images of real weddings from vendors (like us) and designers, so that you can have a 360 degree look at what the wedding industry has to offer.
More, in all their articles you’ll find super useful links that will help you find what you see online IRL.
There are tons of different blogs and magazines online where you can have a look, a lot of them are also specialized in a particular wedding style, so there are things for every taste.
Here you have some of our favorites: Style me Pretty, Junebug, Green Wedding Shoes, Bridal Musings, Martha Stewart, Brides, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue.


inspiration for your Wedding Dress If you

This is what a princess dress looks like! A stunning Destination Wedding in Villa Arvedi


Now that you know where to find inspiration for your wedding dress you need to find a way to organize everything! You can store all those images into folders on your computer, or you can print them and create a physical scrapbook that will also remain as a memory after the wedding.
With more clarity in mind, you can go shopping, and if you can’t find something that doesn’t feel “the one” remember that here in Italy we have the best tailors in the world that can help you create your one and only!



Thank you for reading Where to find inspiration for your Wedding Dress!

We hope you enjoyed this, and we hope this guide can be useful for your wedding planning. If you want to know more, you can download our free, comprehensive e-book, Wedding Day Ready. You can find it here:

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