Why you need to set your Wedding Priorities

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Why you need to set your Wedding Priorities

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Lake Como – 2019 – Expectation just before the wedding

Wedding Priorities and how to make the right choices
when planning your dream wedding


Hello there! Alba speaking, main videographer here at ManiSol Wedding. I started telling love stories more than seven years ago and the more I shoot weddings the more I’ve seen a correlation between setting priorities and having the perfect wedding.
Since the first messages with a couple, I always ask more questions about them, who they are rather than the wedding itself because knowing them it’s fundamental to deliver something that is really the perfect memory.
Sometimes I can feel that the couple isn’t 100% satisfied with how the wedding turned out to be, but the memory I deliver makes them happy. This usually means the couple got lost during the wedding planning.

Planning a wedding is often overwhelming, not only for all the things you have to do but specifically for all the choices you have to make. Since the very beginning of the planning, you’ll see how easy it is to get lost in different ideas and advice coming from the internet, your friends and family, your planner, etc…  and sometimes you’ll risk losing the whole point: you are going to marry the one you love the most.


wedding priorities

Elopement in Tuscany – 2019


You need to think about what really matters to you


I want to start by saying something that may sound obvious: the only thing that really matters is you and your spouse. This is your number one wedding priority. You love each other and the only thing that you really practically need is the two of you, plus someone that has the power to legally say “You are now husband and wife/ husband and husband/wife and wife/wherever fits you most”.

No matter the budget (that is something that impacts a lot on your wedding planning process) you and your partner need to focus on what makes you you.
Your wedding day should reflect who you are, it’s your celebration. Are you super romantic? Party animals? Super relaxed? Lovers of art? With that in mind, you can start thinking about how you want to feel on your wedding day, about the experience you want to live and share with everyone you care about.
For example, me and my partner: we are easygoing, super close to our friends and family, we love to travel and we live for eating good food. We want a “travel like” vibe, something really chilled out, with not a lot of guests, good food, and we absolutely want to be in the moment.

Once you have a full, convinced sentence like that you’ll be able to see if something is worth it or not, if something is going to work for you or not, if something really fits in your wedding or not. Those are your core priorities. 


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Me and You – Venice 2019


Only in the second stage, you can start thinking about material things that will actually impact your wedding budget.
Here, the list could be pretty much infinite! So you can write down the things that immediately come to your mind: the dress, flowers, that fantastic villa, us… just to say that photography and videography are between the things that come to mind pretty easily ;).

Then, wedding blogs (like Style me Pretty, Junebug, Green Wedding Shoes, etc) can help you a lot! You can find a lot of inspiration there, and with that info on your hands, you can add things to the list: confetti, fireworks, those fabulous shoes, the lemon centerpiece, and so on.

And in the end, you can take that list and rank everything from the most to the least important to you. You can put the value in numbers if you want, ranking the items on the list from 1 to 10 where 1 means essential, 5 means that is something you can compromise on, and 10 means “ok, I can cut the budget there and be happy anyway”.


Wedding Villa del Balbianello

Wedding decor – Lake Como – 2019


Here comes the most important advice I can give you: don’t, and I repeat, don’t let material stuff become more important than your core wedding priorities.
Even if you love that limited edition Louboutin I can assure you that those are not going to really change the experience of your wedding day, so when you need to manage the overall budget keep that in mind.

When planning your dream wedding, always remember your core wedding priorities. If you feel you have lost the compass go back there with your partner, take a deep breath, and make your decisions based on what matters the most!



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