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ELopement Photo & Video Italy

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Here, you will see some of our favorite elopement photos and videos shot in Italy and around the world. 


We are ManiSol Wedding, an exclusive and international wedding photography and videography collective based in Northern Italy. 
We are a team of seven photographers and videographers, and we absolutely love Elopements.


Choosing to have an elopement in Italy instead of organizing a typical wedding is an amazing choice and we have shot hundreds of elopements all around the country. Having powerful photos and amazing videos of your wedding is even more important when planning an elopement: your friends and family will fall in love with your elopement photos and videos as you will come back to your home country!


Having a small elopement wedding in Italy means to have a day that is completely built upon the two of you, with no extra stress. We will be very happy to help you live again this amazing experience forever!


You can dig deeper into what moves us on the Aesthetic page of our website, or learn more about how we do it in the Client Experience one.

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