Venice, Vows and Vogue: an elegant elopement in Venice

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elegant elopement in venice

Elegant elopement in Venice

a charming and elegant elopement in Venice



Elopement in Venice – Courtney & David from Silvia Sartori – wedding films on Vimeo.



An intentional, romantic, and elegant elopement in Venice for Courtney and David


A story of romance, style, and beauty in the heart of Venice: Courtney and David couldn’t have chosen a better place for their Italian elopement!
This beautiful couple from the States had been together for years and knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. However, they both dreaded the idea of a typical, traditional wedding ceremony. The idea of being the center of attention and having to plan a large wedding felt overwhelming to them. Instead, they decided to have a private elopement in Venice, Italy – and the result was absolutely breathtaking.

All the romance, the fun, the Dolce Vita of an afternoon for two, in the heart of the city. You will fall in love with it, too!



elegant elopement in venice


Courtney had always been passionate about fashion and style, and she wanted their elopement to reflect that. Her outfit was fabulous: pearl earrings and matching shoes, a gorgeous lace dress that fit her style wonderfully, and a romantic low-bun that gave a whole Italian vibe to the look.
David wore a tailored suit that made him look like he just stepped out of a fashion magazine – both of them looked their best, and felt the same way.

Their first look below the apartment they had rented was adorable and full of laughter and excitement!

Together, we explored the city and caught the vibe of this romantic, elegant elopement in Venice.  The entire day was charming, intentional, and chic, reflecting the couple’s personalities and tastes. They had chosen to keep their elopement a secret from their family and friends, but they shared their photos, videos, and memories with them afterward. Everyone was amazed by the beauty of the day and the couple’s commitment to each other.

Courtney and David knew that they had made the right decision by eloping. They had created a special, unforgettable experience that they would always cherish. They had also saved themselves from the stress and drama that often come with planning a large wedding. Instead, they focused on each other, their love, and their passion for fashion, and their elopement in Venice was the perfect reflection of that.





elegant elopement in Venice


Photography & Cinematography: Valeria & Silvia from ManiSol Wedding
Hair & MUA: Jonida Gijinai


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