The Italian Beauty: A Countryside Wedding in Rome at Casale di Polline

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countryside wedding in rome

A Countryside Wedding in Rome

A romantic countryside wedding in Rome at Casale di Polline



The beauty of Rome and its countryside for a romantic wedding at Casale di Polline


The city of Rome holds some majestic beauty words cannot fully describe. But not many people know that its surroundings have an incredible variety of sceneries, between the seaside and the hills – the countryside looks like Tuscany, and Casale di Polline, the venue Julia and John chose for their intimate wedding shows it. Get inspired by these two, a wonderful wedding day in the shots of our Eleonora!



The Italian Beauty: A Countryside Wedding in Rome at Casale di Polline


The majestic architecture of Rome on one side, the rolling hills on the other. Nature and art met for this beautiful wedding!
We met Julia for some pre-ceremony photos, and she looked stunning in her sleek, silk wedding dress – we couldn’t imagine a better look to complement the beauty of the venue, both on the wedding day and on the following. The whole day had a country-chic vibe matched with an effortlessly chic, laid-back feeling that made everything feel absolutely magical.

John and Julia got married in a legally binding, heartfelt ceremony. After that, we had a couple photo session within the patio of the Casale and in its gardens – the golden light made everything feel even more magical. At the Casale, there is a small hill overlooking the lake called Lago di Bracciano – we fell in love with that corner!

The dinner took place under a tent lit by string lights – we couldn’t imagine a better choice for such a venue! To follow, dances and a night party, again surrounded by fairy lights.


The following day, we had a walk around Rome in the early morning for some extra couple photos. It’s amazing how well the couple’s outfit matched with Rome itself, too! From the Colosseo to the Trevi Fountain, Rome as the sun is rising has a whole different vibe.



Countryside wedding in Rome


Photography: Eleonora from ManiSol Wedding and Giulia Santarelli
Bride’s dress: Grace Loves Lace
Bridesmaids dresses: Birdy Grey
Venue: Casale di Polline


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