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Best Wedding Photo and Video

Best Wedding Photo and Video – Our Wedding Showreel

Best Wedding Photo and Video – Our Best of 2017

2017 has been an amazing year for our team.

We have traveled all around Italy and the world for weddings and couple shootings – it’s been amazing!

We have been in various locations of Italy – Venice, Lake Como, Amalfi Coast – of Europe – Spain, Canary Islands, Southern France – and even in the United States, in New York and Rhode Island.

We met amazing couples and worked with other amazing vendors, wedding planners, locations, floral designers, high-end wedding dress manufacturers and so much more.

Traveling helped us building the team even more, and creating the perfect mix to help couples get the best of the best out of their wedding photography and videography.

We understood the importance of creating a team, working cohesively to create the best experience for our couples.

We also understood the importance of building those memories together with the couples: we have never been cold and detached professionals, but we grew into understanding how this process can really make the difference when filming and shooting weddings.

We want your memories to be perfect, to be yours; therefore, building them is a work we do together, we as professionals and you as a couple.

We did not use the term build by chance: our wedding photos and videos are the outcome of the whole experience we have lived together, the sum of your background stories with ours.

This is why knowing you as people and as a couple is so important for us: we want you to be an active part of the whole process, and we do not want to be detached, cold people approaching you just in our business hours.

We are Love storytellers – and this is how we do it!

Locations (as seen in the Wedding Showreel): Palace Hotel Villa Cortine, Sirmione;  Luna Baglioni Hotel and Ca Sagredo, Venice; La Conca del Sogno and Villa Oliviero, Positano; Ca Zenobio degli Armeni, Venice; Villa Balbiano, Lake Como; Anyac, Midi-Pirenees, France; New York, Williamsburg and Long Island City; Newport Vineyards, Rhode Island; Andalusia; Villa Sesso Schiavo, Vicenza; City Centre of Vicenza; Cueva Grande, Gran Canaria.

Wedding Photography & Videography: Selene Pozzer and Alba Renna from ManiSol Wedding