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Something about ManiSol Wedding


We are Alba and Selene, founders of ManiSol Wedding, videographer and photographer respectively.


We started working together as we loved each other’s work, and we built a team around us – nowadays, ManiSol Wedding is the only all-female European high-end photography and videography studio.


We live close to Venice, Italy, but we’ve worked all around the world – and we totally love it!


We have been knowing each other for more than ten years, we are the same age (both born in 1990), and we started working in the wedding industry at the same time, back in 2013-2014. Since the first days of our businesses we worked together very often, but we took some time to build our own vision and learn how to do our job “our way”.


We decided to build something together by the end of 2015 – at first, we named ourselves “Muse Studio”. Yet, it wasn’t powerful enough, it wasn’t “ours” enough.


Then, in 2017, out of – almost – nothing, came the word ManiSol. We had the name we were looking for!

Many people ask us what “ManiSol” stands for – actually, it’s the mix of two names (Mani and Sol), the Norse gods of the Moon and the Sun. Selene means moon in Greek, and Alba means sunrise in Italian – ManiSol was just perfect for us!


Since we started doing this work, even when we shot and filmed weddings separately, we always shared our works with each other and brainstormed ideas to make the best out of them. Little by little, we built a coherent and unique style: ManiSol, for us, stands for beauty, passion, class and timeless memories. Ideally, our vision resembles the words of the English poet John Keats:

“Beauty is truth,

truth beauty, —that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”

John Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn, 1819

As ManiSol Wedding became a larger reality, we realized we needed to have more people on our team to cover all our spouses’ needs. We looked for fresh, young and creative photographers and videographers to work with us: that’s when we met Alice and Silvia, photographer and videographer respectively.


After a while, our studio grew larger: Luisa, Valeria and Nina joined our team to offer our couples different approaches and personalities, and the chance to work with other amazing artists who share our same vision.


But let’s not forget our CEO (and/or mascotte): our beautiful cat Ripley!

Meet the Team