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We are Alba and Selene – an all-female wedding photography and videography team living close to Venice, Italy, but working all around the world.


Our wedding photography and videography is not just a simple reportage of your wedding day: it’s your story mixing with ours.

We want your memories to be perfect, to be yours. The wedding photography and videography of your wedding will be a journey we do together, memories to be built together.

We did not use the term build by chance: our wedding photos and videos are the outcome of the whole experience we have lived together, your story, your love and your experience mixed with ours.


This is why knowing your story is so important for us: we want you to be an active part of the whole creative process, and we will lead you every step of the way.

We are wedding storytellers, or better, love storytellers. We care about who you are, how you feel, how you want your memories to be.

And we will build those memories together, every photograph and every frame of it.


Since 2013 we have been shooting and filming weddings, knowing new cultures, creating new friendships and exploring the world.


We have been knowing each other since 2008 though – we met through our mutual oldest passion, rock music. We met at a club when we were seventeen, and we never separated afterward!

We have different backgrounds, but both of us love cinema, photography, music, sci-fi (yep, old school Star Wars fans here! May the force be with you!) and, most of all, people.


We are passionate storytellers, and we found in Wedding Photography and Videography our way to express this passion.


Since we have started to work as destination wedding photographers and videographers we have understood a very important thing – the best quality to look for in a wedding storyteller is the problem-solving skills. Many things might happen during a wedding day, and we have learned how to deal with most of them – we can put a veil on a bride, sewing possible un-stitchings, not getting lost in unknown places, and most of all, finding the way to do our work the best way possible in every situation.


Despite being very lively and enthusiast people, we are very calm and chill when doing our work. We think the wedding day is – and has to be – the best day for the couple: we will do our work discreetly, have some fun with you and make the situation as easy and relaxed as possible to allow you to enjoy your special day at best.

To learn more about how we do it, click here 🙂

destination wedding videographer

Alba Renna – Wedding Videographer

When I was a teenager I wanted to become a rockstar, growing up I understood that I was a better music listener than a composer.

I started making videos when I was studying at the university. I found out that it was a way of mixing my passion for music with moving images and that I could tell stories with it.

After a couple of years, Selene introduced me to weddings and from that moment I never stopped loving this job.

I’m an easygoing person, I’m comfortable in most of the occasions and people usually feel at ease having me around. I’m honest and I like to know people for what they are.

The thing I love the most is traveling, mainly on the road. For me is the best way to go out of my comfort zone and learn from all the different people I meet.

I can define myself also as a nerd: I’m crazy for all that is sci-fi and fantasy, from Asimov to Dungeons & Dragons (just roll the dice!). There’s nothing better than a good movie and another chapter of the latest saga before going to bed!

Selene Pozzer – Wedding Photographer

My life has, somehow, always turned around photography. I have grown up with my father, a wedding photographer, meeting his colleagues and watching his photos over and over again.

I started shooting when I was 19, and I never left my camera! I started with rock concerts – Alba was playing, and I was photographing! – and model shoots, then I realized that my real passion was telling other people’s lives and love stories. Though I still work with models sometimes, I prefer working with real people, real emotions in real situations.

I started my profession as a wedding photographer just after I graduated in European Languages and Cultures.

I am a very empathetic person, and I always try and establish a strong emotional connection with the stories I tell, with the people I photograph.

I am a very positive type of person – I try to face every situation, every possible obstacle with a smile on my face.

I love exploring new cultures, meeting new people and traveling the world.

I also love cats, working out and binge-watch TV series, but that’s another topic!

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